~Breakfast Menu~

Minimum of 10 people for breakfast orders

Please note that we require a minimum of 48 hours notice for all catering orders. All of our menu items are made fresh to order and are made from scratch.  We require notice so we have time to pick up all the yummy ingredients to prepare your order:) Thank you!

Hot Breakfast Selections:

French toast breakfast sandwiches served with maple syrup on the side (pear and cream cheese/ ham and Havarti) ($7.00/person)
Puff Pastry quiche with cheddar, vegetables &fresh herbs(ham, bacon or vegetarian) ($7.00/person)
Scone Breakfast Sandwiches with egg, aged cheddar, ham or bacon ($6.50/person)
Egg and Cheddar Breakfast Wraps with bacon and chives, or Roasted peppers, salsa and cilantro ($6.50/person)
Scrambled Eggs ($3.50/person)
Bacon or Seared Ham or Breakfast Sausages = ($3.25/person, per selection)
Roasted seasoned Potatoes  ($2.00/person)

Lighter Options & Sides:

Freshly baked assortment of breakfast pastries with butter ($3.00/person)
Freshly baked croissants with preserves and butter ($3.00/person)
Freshly baked Muffins with butter ($2.50/person)
Sliced, Freshly baked Banana Bread or Coconut Zucchini Bread with butter ($3.00/person)
Freshly baked Breakfast Scones with honey infused butter ($3.00/person)
Freshly baked Cheese Scones with butter ($3.00/person)
Pancakes with butter and maple syrup ($3.50/person)
French toast with butter and maple syrup  ($4.00/person)
Fresh Fruit ( $2.50/person)
Fresh berries, Yogurt and granola ($3.50/person)


Assorted Juices/Bottled Water ($2.00/person)
Coffee/Tea (includes milk, cream, sugar, disposable coffee cups, stir sticks) ($1.75/person)
Disposables are $1.00/person and include compostable plates, napkins and blue bin friendly recyclable cutlery

Order sheet below for email orders:

Breakfast menu