~ Cakes ~

Orders must be placed 48 hours in advance and must be confirmed by a Divine Dishes team member. Payment is due when order is placed.

Classic cakes:

Pricing includes choice of cake, filling and icing flavour, classic piping and any writing or classic garnish.


6” round $35.00 (8 servings)

8” round $45.00 (14 servings)

10” round $55.00 (20 servings)

½ Slab $90.00 (54 small square portions)

Larger or custom sized cakes will be priced upon request.

Cake flavours: Vanilla, chocolate or marble

Icing: Vanilla, chocolate, lemon, coconut, etc.

Specialty icing: Cream cheese icing, Nutella or Baileys (+$8.00)

Fillings: Coconut, blueberry, raspberry, chocolate, vanilla

Specialty fillings: Lemon curd, Nutella, Baileys (+$4.00)

Additional options:

Fondant: $10.00 base price (simple cake covering) total cost will be based on specific requests

Sugar sheet painting $10.00 base price and $20.00/hr labour (includes cost of colouring supplies, sprinkles, etc)

Fresh berries (market price)

Fresh flowers (market price)


$2.50 for classic style and buttercream icing. Additional pricing based on custom requests.

Specialty cakes:

Carrot cake with cream cheese icing:


6” round $45.00

8” round $55.00

10” round $65.00

½ Slab $105.00

Larger or custom sized cakes will be priced upon request.

Chocolate Mousse cake:

Size: 10” $60.00

Includes classic chocolate or raspberry, caramel or bailey’s liqueur. This cake come covered in chocolate ganache and garnished.


Our signature cheesecake ~ Unicorn (Moon Mist flavoured) with colourful swirls!

Chocolate or vanilla base

Inclusions: brownies, cookie dough, M&M’s, berries, chocolate chips or custom request


6” round $45.00

8” round $55.00

10” round $65.00

Assorted square packs:

Assortment includes: Brownies, date squares, Nanaimo bars, lemon squares, Queen Ann squares and cheesecake squares

6 pack $4.50

12 pack $9.00


Bake-at-home frozen raw cookie dough disks – pre-portioned and shaped:

Cookie types: Chocolate chip, Chocolate crackle, Oatmeal raisin and Ginger

Packs of 6: $5.50

Packs of 12: $10.00

Chocolate explosion cookies:

Packs of 6: $8.50

               Packs of 12: $16.00

Printable price menu available in the link below:

Cakes price guide


Dessert squares and cookies